Gora Tensui1320-276 Gora Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa-ken 250-0408Tel: 0460-86-1411Fax: 0460-86-1413
Gora Tensui is an inn located in Hakone Japan, designed and built in the Modern Japanese style. Upon arrival, you will be ushered into the Ashiyu Cafe to check-in while enjoying one welcoming complimentary drink at that time.
The "Ashiyu" Cafe, literally meaning "hot springs foot bath," is one of the few establishments in all of Japan where you get to sit with your feet soaking in a hot spring bath. After long hours of traveling, you will feel the tiredness leaving you as you relax at our Ashiyu Cafe.
Our rooms include Japanese style bedrooms and outdoor views from the baths. For our international guests, we also have rooms that are in the Modern Japanese style that is a perfect blend of Japanese and Western.

We have many different baths at Gora Tensui: baths using streaming hot springs water, large public baths, open-air baths with negatively charged ions flowing through deoxidizing the hot water and detoxifying your body and we also have "rock base" baths that have recently become popular in Japan. A rock base bath, contrary to its name, is a flat bed made of smooth rock that you lay and relax on as it draws sweat from your body, similar to saunas.

Both the men's and women's baths have their own individual saunas as well. Swimming suits are not permitted in the baths.


We take great pride in being careful and particular in the choosing of our ingredients for your meals and so will not disappoint you. Our fresh fish is ordered from Odawara's Sagami Bay and Shizuok-ken's Suruga Bay, our fresh vegetables are grown by the manager's good friend in Yamanashi-ken and our rice is grown in Isumi, Chiba-ken. The tofu included with your breakfast is hand-made locally here in Gora.

Our chef, who grew up in a town by the ocean, creates both delicious and artistically pleasing meals with carefully chosen ingredients cooked in his unique style.

We welcome you to make your next memories of your trip to Hakone at Gora Tensui...

  • Under 12 years old
    »6~12 years old 【A】 Adult's Meals JPY21,000
      【B】 Children's Meals JPY10,500
    »Bedding preparation for your child JPY5,460
    (Pre-school children, 5 and under)
    »Bedding preparation for sleeping with your child JPY3,150
    (Pre-school children, 5 and under)
  • Hot Bath Water Charge
    Additional charge of JPY150 (fom Junior High and up)
  • Checking-In
    2:30 ~5:00p.m.
  • Checking-Out
    12:00 Noon
  • Cancellation policy
      Without notice Lodging day The day before lodging day 2~7days 8days 14~30days
    ~14 people 100% 70% 50% 20% 0% 0%
    over 15 people 100% 70% 50% 20% 20% 20%
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Traveling by Train from Tokyo, Shin-Osaka, Shinjuku to Odawara Station
  Tokyo Station - - Tokaido Line (Shinkansen) (38 minutes) - - Odawara Station
  Shin-Osaka Station - - Tokaido Line (Shinkansen) (2 hours 30 minutes) - - Odawara Station
  Shinjuku - - Odakyu Romance Car (1 hour 25 minutes) - - Odawara Station
  From Odawara Station
  - - Odawara Station - - Taxi (40 minutes) - - Gora Tensui
  - - Odawara Station - - Hakone Tozan Railway (13 minutes) - - Hakone Yumoto Station - - Taxi (20 minutes) - - Gora Tensui
  - - Odawara Station - - Hakone Tozan Railway (35 minutes) - - Gora Station - - Walking (1 minute) - - Gora Tensui
  *There is a Gora Tensui Japanese logo plate in front of station exit.
Traveling by Car
  Tokyo - - Tomei Expressay (25 minutes) to Atsugi Interchange - - Odawara Atsugi Road (30 minues) - - Odawara West Interchange - -
- - Route 138 (25 minutes) - - Gora Tensui
  Nagoya - - Tomei Expressway (2 hours) - - Gotemba Interchange - - Route 138 (30 minutes) - - Gora Tensui
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